Trimester 2 Workout Program


You’ve made it to Trimester 2 – the believed to be “easiest and most enjoyable trimester”.  YAY!! You’re hopefully feeling less nauseous and tired at this point, and more your usual self.

Overview of Trimester 2 workout plan:

This trimester is broken into 4 sections –

  • Weeks 13 – 15
  • Weeks 16 – 18
  • Weeks 19 – 21
  • Weeks 22 – 24

In each section, Day 1 focuses on lower body (30 min workout), Day 3 focuses on upper body (30 min workout) and days 2 & 4  can include any form of pregnancy safe cardio – 20/ 30min workout

You’re carrying more weight so when it comes to cardio, remember to tone it down. A maximum of 30 minutes cardio is advisable. Please see additional information in the purchased Ebook for suggested heart rate ranges and safe forms of cardio in trimester 2.

Once payment has gone through – you will receive an immediate option to download the PDF for this program.




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