3 x Trimesters Workout Programs


You’re pregnant – huge congratulations!!! While exercising during pregnancy has many positive benefits for you and your baby, it is essential that you consult your doctor or gynae before beginning our workout plan.

Those who perform regular exercise can continue mostly as normal in trimester 1; however for those who are a beginners to exercise, please ensure that you consult your doctor or gynae for guidance as to how much exercise you can engage in at this point, before beginning our workout plan. From trimester 2 we strongly advise listening to your body and toning it down on the cardio front. Please see additional information in the purchased Ebooks for suggested heart rate ranges and safe forms of cardio per trimester.

* Remember that pregnancy is not a time for adding muscle mass, losing weight, doing intense cardio or drastically increasing fitness levels.

Once payment has gone through – you will receive an immediate option to download the 3 x PDFs.



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