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If there is one thing all mums confess to need more of…it’s time. Yet often in our attempt to make use of our time, or save time, we accumulate rather than de-clutter and simplify. What we, in fact, don’t need more of, is more things that take up space in our home, lives and headspace.


This e-workbook is designed to inspire you, as a mum, on your journey to de-clutter your external world and in-turn reclaim your time, productivity and peace. It’s a workbook that you download after purchase, and it can be filled in on your laptop or printed out and written in. There is no time frame but rather the gift to work through this in your own time, as you connect with your year passed, organise your reality and step into all that 2020 has in store for you.


  1. Tatum (verified owner)

    Dearest Caitlyn,

    I’ve started reading the first few pages of the Declutter and Re-align workbook (before doing the exercises).

    I cannot duly express just how excited I am to have something tangible to work through; to tidy up my mind and so prioritize the important things in my life.

    I will now have the time to devote to becoming the best version of myself and thus a better friend, sister, daughter, aunt and child of God!

    This workbook is giving me true hope that 2020 WILL be my best season yet!

    With love and deep appreciation,

    Tate ♥️

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