Product Review: Baby Alive

With Christmas approaching, I’m pretty certain every mum is on the search for the perfect gift for her little/s. Yesterday we were gifted with ‘Baby Alive’ and Sarah and Noah are obsessed…but let me back track a little.

So Sarah is a feisty, energetic little girl. She’s passionate, busy and loves a range of toys, but definitely not girl-specific. She’s owned 2 dolls in her life. One lives hidden at the bottom of a toy basket and the other had its arms pulled off (judge away) and is covered in what she calls, its ‘tattoo’s (her and a friend drew them on with a permanent marker). So when it comes to dolls, well it’s just not Se’s thing. And we’re totally cool with that. PS: I promise she was disciplined for drawing on her doll 🙂 {Noah, on the other hand, loves dolls, and talks to them and pushes the teddies in a baby pram.}

But yesterday…all that changed for Sarah.


From the moment I saw the ‘Baby Alive’ from Hasbro, I knew my Sarah (and Noah) would fall in love with this little character, who they’ve since named Posey.

This baby is the perfect gift for any girl/boy (I’d say aged 3 +) for Christmas OR even better, for a child expecting a sibling. Because THIS doll, is literally like the real thing..a baby! She eats (her own little food you get to make), she drinks water from her bottle (not pretend, like real water) and she poo’s. Yip, poo’s!!!! Sarah spent much of yesterday afternoon faffing over Posey. She fed her (waaaay too much) and then had to change her nappy. She wiped her down after her meals. She even read her a book, which I walked in on, and I totally got the giggles as this is SOOO not my usual Se Bear. But freak, SO cute!!!!!



This doll (Baby Alive) is amazing friends and totally worth looking out for!!!


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