Oh, the doors that a curious soul can open..


This is a day that I will never forget.

After a night of dancing, celebration, fairy-lights and magic we jumped on a plane and headed for Bali…sleepy eyed, but more in love than ever before.

Many confess to be in a somewhat oblivion right through honeymoon, and we were no different. Our 2 weeks unfolded into everything wonderful as we explored, laughed and loved like children.

This day was the first of those exploring adventures. We wondered a local beach and ended up finding ourselves on a lush, green little piece of land that jotted out into the sea. Our casual stroll quickly turned into a mad dash as we realized that this was a ‘holy’ spot and that our attire wasn’t entirely appropriate alongside the heavily draped humans jotted around us this garden.

This pic was taken by us, on self timer. We balanced the camera on a branch and H placed a flower in my hair.

Curiosity breathes life into us…it teaches us to squeeze the absolute MOST out of life.


3 ways that curiosity could cure you…

  1. It will open your eyes

When we let go of what is safe, and we choose to explore beyond what we know, we enter a space where ‘anything can happen’.


  1. It will remove your blinkers

Many of us live within our own prisons…jails created by negative thinking, small mindedness and sometimes even just within realistic budgets. What curiosity can do for you is to broaden those boundaries – to push you to the edge, and to let you see the view…


  1. It will let you see the light

Light is a beautiful thing that is spoken of so often in the Bible. There is little that compares to the beauty of a sunrise or sunset…of sunlight on the ocean, or streaming through your bedroom window. It is in the light that we are at our free-est. It is in the light that we flourish, safe and secure.

Curiosity often gives us courage to take steps that we previously may have cowered away from. It adds an element of excitement to experiences that could otherwise seem daunting. Curiosity challenges us to live free, to live bold, to live true to who we are. To explore, to discover, and to be vulnerable in our pursuit of what we find of interest.


May you be challenged and inspired to awaken the curiosity within you today…and to risk in your search for that which has stirred your excitement!


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