The past 10 years brought with them a change in home dynamics; never before have so many mums worked and still had to juggle home demands. In a recent study of over 200 working mums in South Africa (randomly selected), statistics showed that over 94% of mums feel over-whelmed by the pressures of work, home and motherhood. Mums admitted to feeling distracted whilst at work and often failing to give of their best.

Investing in the mums in our workplaces has a direct effect on job satisfaction, employee retention, productivity and in-turn profitability.



'The Working Mum' training course is aimed at corporate mums who have a child/ren under age 15.

The group course covers topics including:

  • Work/life balance
  • Time management for busy mums
  • Constructive emotions-management
  • Managing mommy guilt


Homework between sessions includes filling in of an e-journal and the indiviudal use of an organisational mummy pack (tricks to get organized and save time)


Duration:     3 x 1h30 hour sessions over 1 - 3 months (bi-weekly or monthly sessions).

Group size: Groups are limited to min of 4 mums & a max of 10 mums.

Venue:         The training is done on site at the respective company.

Price:            R2, 500/ mum in the group OR R20, 500 for a group of 10mums.  {All inclusive of above mentioned sessions & homework tools.}



The transition into motherhood is a tricky one filled with a range of emotions. Many working mums go from finding their full identity in their job to suddenly being only a mum. This shift can bring with it a sudden crisis when it comes to deciding whether to return to the workplace or not.

Coaching pre, during & post-maternity leave, allows mums a chance to embrace motherhood whilst still considering their career. It leaves mums feeling supported in their new role as mother as well as allowing them space to mesh their two worlds together: home and work.

This package includes:

1 x 1h coaching session at + 34 weeks pregnant

1 x 1h coaching session during maternity leave (+-2months postpartum)

2 x 1h coaching sessions in the first 3 months back at work

Price: R3, 500.00/mum -Inclusive of all coaching sessions & a 1hour feedback session to management


I’m a wife & mom of 2 (Noah is 2 years old and Sarah is 3 years old) who’s passionate about inspiring others to create a life that they love waking up to every morning!

I had my daughter in early 2016 and my son in mid 2017, all the while running 2 companies, so I know the 'hardness' of mommying little ones and still prioritising your own happiness levels as well as juggling work too.

My journey towards living-happy-now, has taken time and so much intention; but I can officially say that I love my life as a mum, a career women and that I've learnt to manage my emotions and schedule to serve both me and my kids, and I’m determined to help you do the same.


I cannot thank you enough for what you and your expertise, your absolute natural ability to connect has unlocked in me. Thank you for getting me to believe in myself and my capabilities as a mama. Thank you for creating and sharing the tools to strengthen what I already had with in myself.
I will always be grateful and forever encouraging my friends to join you on their own journey. I believe in you and what you have to offer.
- Anchen Wobbe
I have so enjoyed the Mums Living their Best Lives course and the mindful and deliberate exercises you designed. It gave me time to think about what was important to me and how that could enrich my family! I also enjoyed your chats with wine and wisdom. You gave us an honest and vulnerable look into your own life and how the best we seek is ever changing in the journey. Thank you!

- Kudzai Nyatsambo Mqingwana

I've completed 2 weeks, so far, of Caitlyn de Beer's "Mum's living their best lives now" course and am loving it. I've found it challenging and very eye opening. Learning daily about myself and have felt the growth already. So good that I've spurred my husband on to do it with me.

- Claire Barnett


I have been part of Caitlyn's 5 week course, 'Mum's living their best lives.' This online course has equipped me with the tools of understanding my emotions and putting into place constructive alternatives to manage a situation. I have become so conscious of what make ME happy and in turn allows me to be the best mum for my darling daughter. I have put into place routines that ensure I start the day well and if I'm feeling out of sorts I am now capable of picking this up immediately and doing something about it before my whole day becomes a mess. Thank you Caitlyn for inspiring me to live my best life and being so supportive along this journey.

- Kate Dixon


I have absolutely loved every part of this course. It has changed how I manage my time, how I interact with my hubby and child, and how I view/treat myself. Caitlyn is a fabulous coach - she is a momma and just "gets it". Her material is so interesting, honest and relevant... I have learned tools and tricks that I can use for a lifetime! I am so grateful I took the plunge and did this course - to say it has been life-changing would be an understatement. It's been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

- Shan Hawker