"I truly feel my pre-mum self & post-mum self have joined forces and I’m truly living my best life! Thanks Kit!"


You're a mum..but that's not all you are. 

The temptation to sacrifice ALL for our kids is so real for so many of us...and yet when we close our eyes at night, or sneak an extra 5-minutes of quiet in the car before we head into our home after work; we can't help but miss the part of ourselves that existed pre-kids.

I'm here to tell you firstly that, Darling, that's normal. And secondly that you have EVERY right to love your life & self, as well as your precious littles


Personal coaching is just that, it’s personal and worked around you, your needs and your schedule. Whether you’re a new mom who can’t seem to find balanced living in this new role, a business woman who’s quit corporate and can't quite find meaning in her everyday life, a mama heading back to work and living with deep guilt even though you love your job or a mum who’s desperate to love her whole self again (or maybe for the first time) but just has no idea where to begin.

It's coaching done via Skype, just you and me (and perhaps that baby on your hip). We'll cry, laugh and together build a way forward for you to walk in freedom, proudly as YOU. 

I’d LOVE nothing more than to walk alongside you on this journey, Darling!


Book 3 one-on-one hour-long sessions with Caitlyn on Zoom, done over 1 - 2 months, where we’ll assess where you’re at, where you’re heading and then put actions in place to get you there - accountability making all the difference with this package.

I can promise you that with someone reminding you of your potential, someone to challenge your thinking and encourage you to tap into ALL of you & finally someone holding you accountable to the actions that you set – you are bound to take leaps towards loving yourself and your life, right now!!

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Caitlyn is a qualified Life Coach through Results Systems Neuroleadership Group (International). She completed her coaching qualification in 2011 and has since coached over 400 individuals from 11 countries worldwide.

Caitlyn also has her honours in Clinical Psychology and draws on both her Psychology and coaching knowledge to guide her clients towards their best lives.


April the 13th, my daughters third birthday. On this particular day I felt depleted. I was definitely filling cups with my very empty burnt out cup! After celebrating her birthday and putting her to sleep I settled down with a glass of wine and tuned into the first live in the Guilt Free Mum course. I had no idea what an impact this would have on my life.

During the course I was able to connect to myself with the hope to develop a better relationship with me. I learnt so much about myself and was able to identify aspects of my life that no longer served me as well as identifying parts of my life I desperately wanted more of.

 At the end of the course I signed up for coaching sessions with Caitlyn. I felt supported and Caitlyn provided a space for me to further work on discovering what makes me come alive. My self esteem began to sky rocket and for the first time since becoming a mum(maybe longer) I prioritized me and in doing so GUILT FREE!

3 months later I truly feel my pre mum self and post mum self have joined forces and I’m truly living my best life!

- Sharmon Reddington

Kit has helped me to Illuminate several blind spots in my life and these new realisations have had a knock on affect onto my “Mommying” and actually onto so many areas in my life. Since working with her, I have seen evidence of shifts in my thinking in areas I didn’t even know needed shifting. Our chats have helped me to transform from the inside and her support to action things in my life was exactly what I needed during this time poor, sleep deprived baby season that is my current reality.

For me, what sets her apart from any other coach that I could choose to mentor me, is her Christian faith, her authenticity and her genuine care for me as a person. She also has an incredible ability to encourage gracefully and empower intentionally. She has wisdom and insight beyond her years and she is so easy to relate to in this wonderful season of motherhood. She has been so instrumental in helping me to be the best version of me NOW.

Thank you Kit! You are a gift to me and all that are blessed to journey with you.


My body is frumpy and squishy and by no means ticks the boxes of societies standards for what a good body should look like BUT I’m okay with that. I had a good laugh at myself in the mirror in my undies the other day ‘cos I felt like I had discovered a little secret to self-love and happiness that most people don’t know. Most ladies would probably be mortified by what they saw but I find myself quite pleased by looking just like I did in that moment. A real breakthrough for me. Thank you Caitlyn for giving me tools to reach this point.

I have always had this strong idea that I was in tune with my head and heart. After hitting a few speedbumps after a significant change in my life, I realized that I wasn’t as in touch with myself/emotions as I thought. Chatting to Caitlyn has allowed me to understand, with clarity, the depth of my own emotions. She has helped me develop a way to express and explain emotions in a concise and clear manner. She has helped me with boundaries – I have always let too many people in and often was feeling “spread too thin” between work/kids/patients/family/friends.


From our first meeting, when I interviewed Caitlyn (cover model) for the August issue of our Get It Magazine, I was left in awe. Here was a young women, younger than me, with a beautiful home, a loving and supportive family and an incredibly active and busy lifestyle, who sat before me with little evidence of the regular strains of life. She was well-presented, but comfortable, well-spoken but relaxed. What I appreciated most was her sincerity. Her downright honesty to share the everyday stuff that WE ALL go through, that DID NOT exclude her. I felt inspired and I left her home feeling like I had a new lease on life… so I joined my local gym, to do something for ME. One day at a time… but that is also Caitlyn’s approach to breaking habits and positive change.

She’s warm, friendly and Caitlyn is invaluable to those she works most closely with.  I do believe she’s found her true calling as a life and motivational coach. What makes her all the more adored, appreciated and successful is that her advice, her words, her motivation and the resources and tactics she applies to her work or shares with others are not only backed by academic learning, but they are based on her own challenging life experiences. Without thinking twice, I would steer anyone in need of a life coach, in her direction.

- Bronwyn Forbes- Hardinge (Editor of Get It Magazine Durban)

Caitlyn is a breath of fresh air! And her coaching is life changing. When I signed up I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted out of the experience nor did I realize the impact it would have on me in such a short time. I really connected with Caitlyn and her input and feedback was real, attainable and profoundly impactful. In a few short weeks I honestly feel like I’m on the road to not only finding my true self again, but my mindset and actions are now part of my everyday life choices. Thank you for impacting my life so positively.

- Nickola Bales-Smith

My recent coaching experience with Caitlyn has given me fresh perspective and insight into my new life as a working mom. She is compassionate, understanding and very practical in her approach. This is so valuable to me in this new phase of my life and I can already see the shifts in my thinking.

- Tammy

Before I met Caitlyn I felt like life had thrown me under the bus yet again. I had no idea how I was going to handle my situation, let alone handle myself. I constantly had these feelings of worthlessness, unwanted-ness and emptiness. I felt crushed. Every time I looked in the mirror I would burst into tears. 

During my sessions I learnt to love the girl I saw in the mirror. I learnt to understand and handle my emotions in a more constructive way. This journey of self discovery hasn't been an easy one for me - there have been so many times when I felt like giving up but Caitlyn has been an absolute pillar of strength. I now try to put the tools I have been given into practice daily and I am constantly reminding myself hw important it is to be my own best friend. 

- Sarah Bennett