Before Jesus walked out on the water,                                                    He spent time alone with God.

Walk out on the Water for Kids, is the ideal inspiration                          for guiding our children on a faith journey as they                         pursue their unique and extraordinary purposes.

This 90-day devotional teaches young children                       kindness, gratitude, faith and resilience all through                 lessons learnt from nature.



  • Begin to celebrate the REAL you and let go of striving after someone else's definition of success
  • Learn about how your mind/habits works (neuroscience stuff but the fun kind)
  • Look into Biblical scriptures that celebrate our uniqueness & purpose
  • Heal your relationship with your body
  • Create a healthy lifestyle free of obsessing or anxiety
  • Slow down and turn inwards
  • Recognise the season you’re in and your potential & have the courage to tap into it (possibly the YOU that's been hiding for a long time)

AUTHOR: Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a wife, mum of 2 and a follower of Jesus. She is the Author of the best-selling book, Walk out on the Water (365 daily devotions for women). Caitlyn is also a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and previous Psychology lecturer. Outside of her career, Caitlyn loves the ocean, running and time with her precious family.



Sue is a wife, mother of 3 and proud Gogo of her 2 precious grandchildren. With an honours degree in Psychology, experience as both a teacher and lecturer and with a love for the outdoors, Sue finds joy in inspiring young children through lessons from nature.



This course is an online course with personal access to Caitlyn via whats app & email

  • WEEK 1:
    • Live feed - Owning your story and the neuroscience around habits and why you think like you do)
    • Homework: Tell me your story
  • WEEK 2:
    • Masterclass - Managing your emotions (no more turning to food)
    • Homework: Fire Escapes Activity
  • WEEK 3:
    • Masterclass - Celebrating who you are (Self talk & positive body image)
    • Homework: Affirmations & What makes you come alive
  • WEEK 4:
    • Live feed - How to move forward with positive habits/routines that match who YOU
    • Homework: Looking forward & Reflection



Signing up for this journey was one of my best decisions at a critical decision-making point in my life... I could choose to stay (unhappy) where I was, or invest in learning more about who I am and how to love that person... And I'm so grateful I chose the latter! This has marked the start of a lifelong journey of loving who I am made to be, and I can proudly say I am nowhere near perfect... And thankfully, that's no longer the goal I'm pursuing


The Course has really changed my life! Caitlyn has been an incredible mentor who has guided me through every step of the way; encouraging and helping me to develop a positive relationship with food and learning to love myself and my body.

Cait van Schalkwyk