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So you are back at work, or varsity or the kids are at least back at school…and while you were secretly praying that this year you wouldn’t get post-holiday blues, they have arrived. Right on schedule.

If you’re anything like the rest of us you can’t quite figure out how you can go from muttering a “I was actually ready for holidays to end and to get back into routine” to feeling like THIS. I mean, is THIS what you were dying to get back to? Boredom at work or stress, washing, cooking…and then once again wishing the week away in desperate hope that the weekend will bring-on some excitement, a taste, perhaps, of the lovely break you just had.

Or maybe you’re nothing like the rest of us! Maybe you came back to work this past week & you’re LOVING it, the rush you get from doing what you love. But you know deep down, that if you don’t hit PAUSE now & reflect and plan for all you want out of this year, then you’re heading down the same rabbit hole of GO GO GO, again, & not quite reaching the goals you had in mind.

Either way…my guess is you can relate in some sense to what I’m sharing & if so then…

You absolutely MUST come and join us next Sat for “Say YES to 2015”


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This morning {more admin-y info here} will be spent in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by gorgeous girls, filling in a gorgeous workbook. Haha, ok enough with the gorgeous. But you get my drift! This inspirational morning workshop is all about reflection, visioning and planning for your best year yet. Allow me the utmost privilege of leading you in a few crazy-cool activities that will you get AMPED to create & embrace the AMAZING year that lies ahead of you!!


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Say YES to 2015


Space is limited so claim your spot now & avoid missing out on a EPIC year in the life of..YOU!!

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