How to enter 2017 with no regrets

Whether it’s regretting the top that you put on this morning, what you chose to study after school, who you married (or didn’t) or eating a cupcake at teatime today…whatever it is, regrets are real. And we know this too well.

Although I’ve always been someone who keeps moving forward, seldom giving the past any rights over my current circumstances; I can still honestly say that I haven’t always felt that each season of my life (experience, job, choice) was beneficial. Yes, I’ve moved on anyway, but it was only recently that I realised the importance of counting every season of life, as valuable.

I recently launched a new career venture called Corporate Wellness, where I do talks at corporate companies covering topics around helping employees to live full, happy, positive lives. My rough patch in 1st year varsity, relationships that worked, and others that didn’t, working for my church, living in Asia, numerous travels, psychology & life coaching studying, lecturing at Varsity College and now becoming a mom have all created a story that appears to be worth telling. The mistakes I’ve made have humbled me; the studying I’ve done, is now interesting for others even though it didn’t always seem worth-while at the time; the clients I’ve seen (even those that have come close to driving me to drink) have taught me acceptance and the hardships my family have faced make me real. It didn’t all make sense then. But it does now. And your story matters too my friend. Every part of it is and has shaped you into the remarkable being you are today!!!


In light of this, it’s easy to say that you shouldn’t live with regrets but how do we make this a reality:

  1. Be grateful for each experience you have in life

Being grateful doesn’t mean you condone your behaviour, choice or possibly negative experience; it is rather a reflection that involves being thankful for the lessons learnt, people met and growing that you did through each and every life experience you have had.

  1. Forgive yourself (and others) for your past

It’s easier to blame our past then it is to grab your life with both hands today, and make it count for something. My friend, I’m so sorry that life has happened to you, and it hasn’t always been good; but making a choice today to not just embrace where you’re at, but accept it to, will not only give space to your ‘lost in the past’ mind but will set you free to fly.

It’s so important to know our own story and to be proud of it. Each decision you’ve made seemed right at the time (as did it for those who raised you), forgive yourself (and them) now for those decisions made that, in retrospect, you would now do differently, and thank yourself (and them) for the decisions that you (they) made in the past, that benefit you today.

  1. Make your life count TODAY

In 2 sleeps time, you begin a new year. A new beginning. A fresh start. Yes you’ll wake up and be the same person you were the day before, but knowing that 90% of what makes a person HAPPY is what goes on their head all day; perhaps it’s time to make a conscious choice to make 2017 the year you make COUNT!!


Don’t wake up hung over on the 1st with regrets and set the bar for the year at a lower standard than you deserve. Get up early (or better yet wait til sunrise) and then choose 1 thing that you can do first thing in the morning that truly makes you COME ALIVE. A swim in the sea, a run, a family cuddle, coffee in bed, journaling, going out for yummy brekkie. Whatever it is – be intentional with the way your year begins and remind your brain that YOUR LIFE MATTERS and that 2017 is going to be a year where you dictate your path, not where negative thinking/dwelling on the past directs your path.



  1. nicola on December 30, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Beautiful inspiration for 2017! Thank you x

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