Did you learn to love

I once heard a story (not sure of it’s legitimacy)…
A man died and went to Heaven. On arrival, he was instructed to wait inline. He watched as person after person broke down in tears when they reached the spot where Jesus stood. This man could see that Jesus had asked them ONE question, but he couldn’t imagine what single question could sum up all of life… It was only when he got to the front of the line that he heard the words for himself… “Did you learn to love?
I’m pretty sure Judgement day will consist of more questions than merely that one…but it sure did get me thinking.
When it comes to learning to love, dating is one thing…marriage – a whole ’nother ball game…and I’ve then becoming a parent, for me, took this one step further. To love is to risk…it’s to put ones heart into the hands of another, it’s to trust (deeply) and to demand nothing. It’s to let go of selfishness and embrace sacrifice.
I wish love could be summed up in simple vows made on a BIG day…but it’s SO much more than that!! We lust after things/people with little thought or intent, but to love, is to be intentional.
I have been on a number of mission trips into Africa…and although I am so quick to say that my dream is to live with the poor in the poorest of places, my husband will quickly add “Kit, remember how much you cried the last time you were on a mission trip.”
I forget, you see..what it sometimes takes to love. Being amongst the poorest of poor, love teaches us what it means to give without wanting anything in return. Love truly is sacrifice, its real and it’s raw. And sometimes it takes you to places where you lose perspective of what a comfort zone is..
There are many things we miss out on life…because we were too scared to try, to risk, to embrace uncertainty… Don’t allow love to be one of these things…
We were created to love, to be loved and to know love!

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