Can you love your body & want to lose weight at the same time?


So, recently a friend announced that she’s avoiding this whole body-love topic, as she wants to lose weight 1st…that is before she learns to love her body.

Is that you too my friend??

Do thoughts like, when I’m skinny I’ll love myself or if I weighed 5kg’s lighter then everything would be ok, run through your head?

Firstly, I get it. And secondly, it still doesn’t make it all right.

I so get the idea that skinny means happy, except that it never has and never will. There are probably more skinny girls than fat ones who embrace self-hate & practice self-destructive behaviour. Skinny may help you to whip off that dress on the beach a bit less reluctantly but it won’t equal happy. And it never will.

I had a client round this past week & while chatting I was reminded of the saying, “Nothing will ever change, unless you do”. How true this is, beautiful. Changing the way you see yourself is a simple matter of the mind, not the body.

But, in saying all that… Should one just get over your body and live overweight & unfit??

Of course not.

You were born to shine, gorgeous, not settle. Getting your head in the right space is the be-all-and-end-all but having a healthy, fit body is definitely in your design too! God wasn’t playing games when he made you – he loves every bit of you, and wants you to too!! I believe that he also wants us to care for the temple we live in, with as much respect as one would show to another’s body.

So what does losing weight but still practicing self-love look like?

It’s simple really. You stop with the hate speech and start practicing self-love talk. You talk to yourself like the gorgeous, whole, and healthy you, that you were created to be. You ask yourself each time you open that fridge, what it is that healthy whole you really wants? You wake up early or use the afternoon sun to embrace nature and get those limbs moving – all the while thanking God (or the universe) that you have a body that is fully functional, beautiful & alive with energy. You take your eyes off yourself and you start to compliment (rather than judge) others. And in turn, you even slip yourself the odd compliment too!

You get yourself that personal trainer, Get-Fit contract, new juicer or appointment with a dietician but not because you hate the way you look; rather because you know this isn’t you at your best…and you’re tired of settling. FULL-STOP.

Lastly, beautiful, I know you have it in you to tackle this thing. But if you need an extra little nudge in the right direction – then inbox me & let’s chat about getting you back to YOUR BEST!!!


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