Are we sleeping yet?


About a month ago, I blogged about our little non-sleeper and that we had eventually reached a point where sleep training seemed our last resort. So I thought it time to give you a little update on, well, whether we’re sleeping yet.

Sleep training is not for sissies. I did lots of research on how to go about it but truth be told, every child is so different and while many sources claimed that your babe would eventually put themselves to sleep after about 30 minutes, our Se bear did a full 2,5 hours one night. All in all, our sleep training helped but didn’t quite get our Se bear sleeping through.

Our first 2 nights we left her to cry, while only going in every 10 – 30 minutes to put her dummy in. By night three, she only twice (this is from 6 wakes a night) and again we dummied. We did 11 days of sleep training that looked like this…but unfortunately on night 11, Se stayed awake for 2,5hours from 1 – 3.30am. I eventually did pick her up and fed her.

We tried so hard to keep up the sleep training but eventually realized that a feed at 2am was the only thing that got her back to sleep…and that that was okay.

I used to be opinionated about motherhood (before becoming a mom) but have realized that you, as a mama, are doing the best you can. Only YOU know your babe, and what she/he needs (and what you need too). Sleep training took our Se bear from waking 6 times a night to only once-twice a night and that was a major break through for us. This has lasted over 2 months now and for the past 5 days, she has only woken at 12:30ish for a feed after which she sleeps til morning.

There are definitely some parenting tips that work across the board, but for the most part parenthood is all about working out what works for you and your babe… And just as you think you’ve got it all figured out, they change or throw a new curve ball in the mix (hello teething) 🙂

PS: You’re doing a GREAT job mama!



  1. Victoria Honsbein on October 7, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    This is so so true. Sleep training did the same for us, it cut the unnecessary wakes and helped him sleep much better but even now at 13months he still wakes once between 3/4am and I feed him back to sleep. He obviously needs that feed. Once or twice he has slept through (iv still woken up out of habit lol). But iv accepted that one wake up and a quick feed is ok and like you said, iv just figured out what he needs and realised it might not look the same for others. But iv learn’t that when I accept things and how they look for now, knowing that he is gonna grow up so quick and this waking at night will be a distant memory, it makes it a bit easier and helps me just enjoy the little things like middle of the night cuddles. X

    • caitlyndb on October 8, 2016 at 12:33 pm

      Absolutely Victoria. Hehe and soon you’ll be beginning this whole sleep journey again <3

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