5 secrets that happy people know

1. It’s ok to be sad

While self-pity is a downward spiral, feeling a negative emotion is essential to being a functional human being. Feelings do not need to be run from, but rather recognized, felt and then we need to move forward leaving behind self-pity and being proactive about our psychological state.


2. You choose your reality

It’s easy to blame our past, opportunities, people…but ultimately the longer that we spend blaming and pointing fingers, the more time we steal from creating a life that we actually want to wake up to, every damn day.

Little intentional decisions, made everyday, towards the life that we WANT to live – ultimately create happiness in everyday!


3. Comparison is the number one robber of joy

Just stop. It’s simply not worth it. Their life, dreams, body, was NEVER meant for you. Apply step 2 to your life, and watch as you gradually start living YOUR dream life and let go of wanting to replicate someone else’s.


4. Your personality will never hold you back

Neuroscience is showing us now that while your personality is relatively stable; you are able to change your personality, based on your thinking. You can rewire your brain to break bad habits, adopt new habits and eventually change the way that you see the world and the world sees you. No longer is a pessimist always a pessimist – it’s a choice!


5. Happiness is not for sale

While many of us have this idea that a good body, better job, more money or a beautiful home will make us happy – these are all lies. Science shows that if you told me EVERYTHING about your life; your level of success, travel schedule, the shape of your abs, I could only predict 10% of your long-term happiness. Put simply, this means that 90% of what makes YOU happy is determined by what goes on in your head, not your circumstances at all.
PS: We know this right? I mean, not every skinny girl, or wealthy hunk, is happy??!!!


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