5 Secrets for Building Relentless Confidence



1. Say YES more

We are forever hearing about how we need to say no more often, but in fact the people with highest self esteems know the importance of saying YES. Start saying yes to your persistent dreams, yes to your inner voice, yes to happiness and yes to living a life you love.


2. Stop comparing

Comparison dulls even the brightest of stars. Create your own reality and embrace it so fully that comparing to another would only limit them. You are the master of your life. Take hold of that role!


3. Close the doors on limiting beliefs

It is no secret that we are often our own worst enemies. Take note of the limiting beliefs you live by: I will never make it, I am fat, I don’t have what it takes; and replace these with greater truths. Only you have the power to rewire your brain, possibilities are endless when we embrace living with intention!


4. Choose to see the good. Always

It has been said that gratitude wipes clean the lens through which we see the world. Dwelling on negativity feeds bad habits, low self esteems and complacency. Choose to look for the good. Always. And if there is no good…well then create it!


5. Do what you love

There is no greater confidence boost then doing what we love everyday, and getting paid for it. Jobs or roles that require you to be something that you are not are often destroyers of innate confidence. Choose wisely where you spend your time & energy. You have talents, passions & deeply rooted dreams that are different from almost all those around you – embrace those…and shine!




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