Caitlyn is one of KZN's most sought after speakers.

Caitlyn’s passion for life – and an in-born positivity – has inspired thousands of people across South Africa an addition to having had the privilege of coaching over 400 individuals from 11 different countries worldwide. Her core messages relate to ‘self management’ and living a life you love, and these come through powerfully in all of her talks, whether corporate or in less formal gatherings.

Caitlyn's motivational talks, inspired by her knowledge gained from years of studying & lecturing Psychology & coaching hundreds of individuals  give her talks an academic & personal edge!!

After leading a life of high achievement, Caitlyn hit rock bottom 12 years ago, lost in a world of not knowing who she was – outside of achieving! She underwent intense therapy and began a scary but beautiful pursuit of true fulfillment. She overcame an eating disorder and a self-limiting headspace whilst studying 6 years of Psychology, and entered a new path of life where achievement was no longer the goal, but instead a by-product of a happy, fulfilling life.

Her passion for life, high energy levels and innate positivity, has inspired thousands of people across South Africa.

In Caitlyn's words: “Life is a gift. And you’ve been given your very own. One life, unique in every way possible. No-one can take responsibility for this gift but YOU. It is your master-piece.”


Caitlyn’s most requested talk topics include:

  • Happiness starts with you
  • Stress Management
  • The Power of Habits (and their effect on productivity)
  • Self Management = the core of job satisfaction 
  • Resilience (Training session) 
  • Gender equality in the workplace


Listening to Caitlyn speak is absolutely phenomenal; from start to finish you will be hooked. 

- Nicola Tweed

From our first meeting, when I interviewed Caitlyn for the Cover of the August issue of our Get It Durban Magazine, I was left in awe. 

She’s warm, friendly and one can easily see after having listened to her talk at our recent Reader Event boasting more than 120 women from all walks of life, that Caitlyn has found her true calling as a life and motivational coach. What makes her all the more adored, appreciated and successful is that her advice, her words, her motivation and the resources and tactics she applies to her work or shares with others are not only backed by academic learning, but they are based on her own challenging life experiences. As a result, she is a brilliant strategist, a thought provoker and a cheerleader with a knack for knowing just how to help those around her to hone in on their own skills in order to find clarity of purpose, direction and the desire to embrace their own personal journeys to fulfilment. 

- Bronwyn Forbes- Hardinge

(Editor of Get It Magazine Durban)

A morning spent with Caitlyn is one of those that when you close your eyes again you’ll be taken back to a place where she has instilled self belief, self motivation and self awareness. It’s incredible how I walked away feeling empowered and willing to make a change because the benefits were not only highlighted - they were a possible and achievable reality. 
I thank you from the Bottom of my heart for the life changing morning with you. 
- Olivia Fox (My Tiny Teepee)

Caitlyn’s talk was very well presented, she made things very practical by using her own life experiences. We walked away with good pointers! 

-Investec (Durban)

Caitlyn’s talks are thought-provoking and highly enriching! Her analogies are both fun and practical – We love every minute of her talks! 

- Jonnson Workwear (Durban)

Caitlyn is so captivating, so knowledgeable, so determined and endlessly inspiring. It was an absolute pleasure and treat to listen to her talk. Her passion for coaching, guiding and helping others just oozes out of her and I would recommend her as a motivational speaker to anyone.

  • Stella Kuhn von Burgsdorff (Stellarize) 

Our staff commented on how much more positive they felt after Caitlyn’s talk and how they wished the talk could have gone on for longer. An excellent way to spend our lunch hour! 

-Shepstone & Wylie (Durban)

We thoroughly enjoyed Caitlyn’s energy. The practical tools she gave us are invaluable for our professional and personal lives. Simple and easy to understand – great relatable stories and examples. 

-Derivco (Pretoria)

I worked with Caitlyn on a local Mom Blog Event in Cape Town and I can say hands down she is phenomenal. The moms were all so moved by her powerful and authentic speech on "living your best life as a mum". We were guided through truly trans-formative exercises and we all left inspired to live our best lives. I was the event planner and am so grateful I chose Caitlyn to be our speaker; I look forward to working with her again soon! I highly recommend Caitlyn as a speaker for your next boutique or corporate event.

- Christina Masureik @capetownmomchristina