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Wellness at work

Know what makes you come alive

Through my journey as a Life Coach I cannot tell you how many people I have come across who simply say “I don’t know what I want to do with my life…” Fortunately I have been there. I GET IT! I believe the start to this wonderful discovery begins with the idea of “Who am I…

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My top 2 communication commandments

Effective Communication has been defined as “communication between two or more persons wherein the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood.” Yet how often do we enter a conversation or provide a gesture that had little thought behind it (intention), and in turn is misunderstood and leads to confusion, even conflict sometimes?! I had…

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It’s not too late to end 2017 well

I’m a total sucker for the build up to the New Year. Whilst New Years Eves have definitely got quieter as the years have progressed, I love the energy around the 31st; the obvious buzz in the air, the desire and realness of the FRESH start that will come with the sunrise. BUT as the…

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A bitter pill to swallow

You lost your job, someone let you down, you recently got divorced, or a friend screwed you over; whatever the catalyst, it’s left you bitter, sarcastic and ‘over it’. Firstly, I GET IT. Life can be hard as F$#@ sometimes, and it’s not fair. On any of us. But the truth is that the results…

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Vision is only as powerful as you allow it to be

The word vision often scares people off as it seems to hold a lot of promise and pressure, but I’m hoping that this blog post will bring some new insights for you around this concept. If you’ve ever started, created or worked towards something of your own, {This could be anything from painting a picture,…

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Beat your people-pleasing gene into submission

I’m a firm believer in nature & nurture, the combination of them both. Some of us are born people-pleasers and others are taught this. For me, it was both. I most certainly inherited the pleasing gene, just the threat of a hiding (smack) when I was younger got me sobbing and begging for forgiveness {nature}.…

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2 minutes to less stress

At school level, a simple request from a teacher for me to come and see her would send me into anxious annie mode, at Varsity the workload or a potential all-night-in-town got me munching on my nails and then hitting the working world meant night-upon-night of restless sleep knowing the mountain of work that I would…

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What it took for me to take the world off my shoulders

Tears. The single word that captures the past 3 months of my life. From tears of joy & absolute pride watching as my baby Sarah hits various milestones (now rolling), to tears of exhaustion and even tears of longing for a life of my own (again) and then more tears of guilt for ever having…

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3 ways to always have something to look forward to

Tap into more of you There is something incredibly beautiful about a person who has learnt to love themselves despite their irritating quirks and imperfection. If we spend our lives waiting for someone else to make the plans, we will spend our lives chasing someone else’s dream. Get to know YOU – in all your…

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